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Help with Help

Learning the Vim help is an incredibly important part of vim!

Get the fancy PDF version

Grab a fancy PDF Version and always keep it on hand. :)

Use the index Luke (Dave, Ed, whatever)

This is a great way to be reminded what Vim can do!

What What you get
:help index points to an index of every command in every mode
:index points to an index of every ex mode command
:help normal- points to an index of every normal mode command
:help insert- points to an index of every insert mode command

Get specific help

It is possible to go directly to whatever you want help on, by giving an argument to the :help command. It is possible to further specify the context:

What Prepend Example
Normal mode command (nothing) :help x
Visual mode command v_ :help v_u
Insert mode command i_ :help i_<Esc>
Command-line command : :help :quit
Command-line editing c_ :help c_<Del>
Vim command argument - :help -r
Option ' :help 'textwidth'
Search flags / :help /\U
Substitution flags s/ :help s/\&

Search for help

Type :help word, then hit CTRL-D to see matching help entries for "word". Or use :helpgrep word.