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Before you use a plugin, please check out our recommendations. That said, these are plugins that the #vim community considers "do no harm" plugins. "Do no harm" plugins don't break core Vim features and play nice with other plugins (try not to conflict with keybindings, etc) and respect your settings and colorscheme.

  • abolish: word variant manipulation... hard to explain, check the link.
  • characterize: enhances ga with: unicode character names, Vim digraphs, emoji codes, and HTML entities
  • commentary: Comment stuff out, or uncomment stuff
  • dirvish: Minimalist "path navigator"
  • eunuch: Vim sugar for some UNIX shell commands that need it the most
  • fugitive: great Git wrapper
  • gutentags: takes care of managing your tags files
  • lion: align text by some character
  • qf: a collection of settings, commands and mappings for the quickfix window
  • qlist: make "include-search" and "definition-search" populate in the quickfix window
  • repeat: makes . command work with plugins that support it
  • rsi: A sensible addition of some readline key bindings
  • sensible: one step above 'nocompatible' mode - a universal set of defaults that everyone can agree on
  • sneak: minimalist, versatile Vim motion that jump to any location specified by two characters.
  • surround: all about "surroundings" - parentheses, brackets, quotes, XML tags, and more.
  • targets: adds various text objects to give you more targets to operate on
  • ttags: for searching tags, you can make it use the quickfix window to make it work well with qf
  • undotree: it gives you well, an undo tree!
  • unimpaired: complementary pairs of mappings for tons of Vim features
  • VimCompletesMe: super minimal, super light-weight tab-completion plugin for Vim

But what plugins do you loath?