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This page is the yin to the plugins yang, a list of plugins #vim loathes. We dislike the plugins for various reasons, bad interactions, poor documentation, terrible setup, near useless frivolity, etc.

"Any sufficiently complicated set of Vim plugins contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of Vim's features." -- robertmeta's tenth rule.

  • solarized: requires you to modify your terminal to get proper colors, ugh. If you really like the colors.
  • YouCompleteMe (ycm): this is probably the most hated plugin in #vim, it generates a constant nightmarish stream of setup problems and usage bugs and plays poorly with other vim plugins and native features.
  • gruvbox: another theme on the loathing list, gobs of features, truecolor support (and optimized for it) and seems to be constantly breaking things for people.
  • powerline: a statusline plugin that wants patched fonts, python support, works in terminal, OMG, too much!
  • airline: enough darn statusline tweaks, they are not required and often make vim slow and/or broken.
  • vimIRC: no, just no. Don't try to use vim as a damn IRC client.