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Vim Advent Calendar - Call For Authors

romainl and I (robertmeta) are putting together a Vim advent calendar for this holiday season, hopefully with the help of you wonderful people and the Vim community on Reddit.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of an advent calendar, here are some examples:,, The domain will be announced closer to December.

So, what are we looking for from YOU? We are looking for 22 (or more) contributors to help us fill out the calendar. The format is fairly simple:

  • A little about yourself (system administrator, developer, professional blogger, etc)
  • Link to where people can find you online (twitter, fb, personal page, reddit profile, etc)
  • Article about your favorite Vim feature or plugin (and obviously why you love it)
  • Screenshots encouraged
  • Contributed with CC 4.0 license:

The schedule is fairly laid back:

  • Sept 1st: at least 22 contributors signed up, hopefully a bit more because life happens
  • Oct 1st: finalization of topics (no overlap) and light sketch of article
  • Nov 1st: significant work shown (article content) and starts of integration into site
  • Nov 15th: final versions checked in / handed over with proper license included
  • Nov 20th: domain goes live
  • Dec 1st: first article goes live

We are flexible in how you contribute, if you are familiar with github, you can contribute directly to the project on Github. That is the easiest way for us, but we don't want to exclude anyone. If you are interested in contributing, we will find a way to work with you, from Github to email.

We might also consider other types of content, from cute art to videos -- if you are interested in getting involved and contributing just let us know. I look forward to hearing from you publicly on this thread or privately, just message me.


romainl's additions

Content-wise, here is a quick and dirty list of writing prompts (that mostly tell about my own interests, not an exhaustive or prescriptive list by any means):

  • best practices for your setup
  • make your setup truly cross-platform
  • the ideal learning path
  • how to integrate vim with its environment
  • using Vim for weird things (music, statistical analysis, painting, etc.)
  • when to look for a plugin
  • what to look for in a plugin
  • editing best practices
  • vimscript is not that bad/hard
  • debunking common misconceptions
  • listing valuable resources (and explaining why they are valuable)
  • everything you never thought you wanted to know about $FEATURE
  • let me talk to you about my convoluted way to become a vimmer
  • state of the nation
  • long-term trends in plugin design (async, lsp, etc.)
  • a view at operators from a linguistics point of view
  • when is vim everywhere too much
  • history behind $DESIGN_CHOICE

and another list of things we don't want unless they improve a lot on their respective archetypes:

  • vim as an IDE
  • lists of plugins
  • you absolutely need my config

and I mean a lot.

Length-wise, I would say anything above 1,500 words is fine but, as robertmeta hinted at, an asciinema embed or a comic would work, too.

Quality-wise, the more you know your stuff the better, but we will certainly take a critical look at your production. Don't apply if you can't handle that kind of pressure.

ROI-wise, there's no personal gain to make from any of that unless you count online reputation as personal gain: no ad money to share, no cocaine, no bitches, no place in heaven. If there's anything to gain from that effort it would be a better average quality of Vim content available to new users.